👋 Hi, we’re Milkdrop. We are a design studio working on making breast pumps more comfortable. We started when Alex, had a hard time using breast pumps to feed her daughter.

We make soft silicone cushions that stretch over your breast pump to make them more comfy. You can find out more about them here.

But like with most problems, one solution doesn’t fix all. As we moved through design and manufacturing, we kept coming up against the lack of evidence-based, (and dare we say non-judgemental) information available about pumping.

Even amongst breastfeeding literature (which frankly should be given more funding too), breast pumping seems almost relegated to the footnotes.


Why write a guide?

The purpose of this guide is to collect all the evidence, anecdotal hacks and great resources from around the community, and put it in one place for you to read as you go from thinking about pumping, to pumping your first time, to weaning.

Our goal is to help you answer your questions, give you encouragement and support and perhaps find tips that make it easier for you on the way.

We are building a small community around this, which you can join on our facebook group, if that’s your thing. Find us at Comfortably Pumping, by Milkdrop Pumps, or on instagram @milkdrop_pumps.


What we are

Before you start, here’s a bit more on our philosophy and goals so you can understand a bit more about why we’re on this mission:

  • Our statement on breastfeeding (we support it as best possible) breast pumps and breastfeeding [30 words - we support feeding, but if you end up on a pump you should be comfortable]. We consider breast pumping to be breastfeeding.


  • 🧑‍🔬 We prioritise evidence-based information

    Ideally, all your questions about pumping would be answered by some level of scientific research. Unfortunately, we know that this is area of knowledge is deeply underfunded, and also that research takes time to catch up with what happens in practice. On top that, some things that can help you, don’t really lend themselves that well to research anyway. So, to make sure we’re not spouting nonsense, we:

    • have had our work reviewed by xxx.
    • make our sources clear.
    • ask you to let us know if you see something that could be improved.

Please know that we offer all this information up in genuine spirit of contribution, help and curiosity, so if you spot a mistake, please be kind and measured. If there’s information to suggest it, we’ll change our minds and amend it. Yay for building shared knowledge!

  • 💛 We want to be inclusive

    • breastfeeding chestfeeding women
    • try to cover different options - see quote below
    • If you see anything where you think “Gee, that could have phrased that better”, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What we’re not

  • 🧑‍⚕️ We’re not providing medical or lactation advice

    Reviewed but not providing medical advice. Consider if this is right for you and consult your doctor, IBCLC or other breastfeeding specialist. [add legal comment]. Comment about bias.

  • 🤱 We’re not providing a broader breastfeeding or lactation guide

    We’re focusing on pumps and pumping. There are some excellent broader, breastfeeding resources out there. See xxx for a list of those.

  • 🏃‍♀️ We’re not finished

     We will keep adding to this guide as we hear of more questions, or find more information. If you feel that we haven’t provided information about your question, please contact us so that we can. It may take us a while to work through what’s out there, and chat with experts (clinicians and duh, mothers), but we will post something as soon as we can.