How to store milk

Storage options

  • how to pump - storage
  • how to pump - safe storage
  • For home.
  • For work. Cooler bags
  • For out.
  • Where to store?
  • Storing hacks

Once you’ve pumped, you want to store the milk.

If you’re at work, you also need to be able to carry it home.


Here are some suggestions for storage, and their pros and cons






Disposable bags


no need to wash

can pump directly into them



bad for the environment


Avent milk storage cups.

organised, safe storage and transport

better for environment than disposable bags

don’t fit into bag

have to wash, and sanitise

take up lots of freezer space

longer to defrost than bags


Re-usable bags

Silicone milk storage bag

Organised, safe storage and transport

Better for environment

Fits into bag, can be stored laying down or standing up

Some don’t have easy way to mark on dates

Freezer trays

Milkies freezer tray


Once frozen can transfer to zip lock in freezer

Need to collect in something between expressing and pouring in the tray