How to pump more milk

Because your anatomy and physiology is different from everyone else, only some of these tips will work for you. Although the research on pumping packs a punch, there’s embarrassingly little research funded (we just keep coming back to this, don’t we?!). This means it’s difficult to say for sure which ones are more likely to help.

On top of this, the volumes you collect will vary so widely depending on time of day, how you’re feeling, and how recently you last pumped or fed, that it will be hard to distinguish what actually made the change in your volumes. 

Looking at and recording volumes all the time can also be stressful because you rarely feel like you have enough. We prefer to focus on two other missions instead:  

  1. Getting to letdown faster (or if you don’t have an obvious letdown, getting to milk flowing)
  2. Increasing milk flow itself - think squirts (high flow) over drips (low flow).

If you can improve both of these things, the volume will look after itself. As your grandmother might have said: count the pennies and pounds will look after themselves.